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01 February 2009

Bubble 5-Revenge from JEW?


I am actually browsing for pictures while i am in Paris during our architectural Europe Trip II 2007. I wanted to post another topic but this picture struck me and made me questioned....Is it a revenge from the Jew that the war happen between Palestine and Israel? Well the picture was taken in Jewish Museum in Berlin. The museum was designed by Daniel Libeskind... What he wanted to portray is actually the sufferings that the Jews had during world war 2. The question came to me again that, is this the answer of why they commit war to Palestine?


Everybody hates sufferings .... Not even everybody but anybody....


Last night i was doing my lecture notes on chemistry and wanted to find about Aufbau Precess..
While browsing the internet instead of Aufbau process i founded 'Aufbau' . Aufbau is a journal for the Jews all over the world that speaks German. The journal was founded in 1934.The publication is published in New York till 2004. Up to today it is published in Zurich. The original purpose is to include helpful facts for the Jewish refugees that was founded by German Jewish Club.

The knowledge is spread all over the world since 1934... Vengeance could be built since then......I do not know whether it is appropriate to say that , but anything could have happened. But why must they commit the war towards the Palestinians... If they knew that they suffered before why must they hurt or kill someone else. They are also humans.

The interior of the museum already shows that they (Jew) suffered... they are stuck under the rubble of blocks..Must the Palestinians do the same thing...which they suffered during the war and they build a museum out of it ?...

Below is the comparison of sufferings....the picture of the little boy was taken in the internet... a tribute to the photographer.... Do compare... the situation is similar...


This museum shows world need peace... not revenge.

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