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08 April 2009

Bubble 21- Why politics?


Why must we have politics? what is politics? for who is these politics..? when do we need politics? and how do we politics? all the Wh-questions pop up in my head!!!.

Definition: Politics(got the definition from

1. social relations involving intrigue to gain authority or power; "office politics is often counterproductive"
2. the study of government of states and other political units
3. the profession devoted to governing and to political affairs
4. the opinion you hold with respect to political questions
5. the activities and affairs involved in managing a state or a government.


1.Is politic a disease? or it is just dirty?

2.Does it has the tendency to attack the professionals(architects)?or maybe everybody?


1. The scenario of politics in malaysia nowdays, not a good sign for a prosper country.

I was a child that has been brought up to love my country... to remember my origin as a Malay..(Javanese to be specific).. To love of our people... to love and live with other races... To understand why were we like this today....

To read the history text book of Form 3 while in secondary school made me realized how wonderful malaysia is.... From the history text book we learnt how Malaysia is formed... Since small we learnt to unite... to be a prosper malaysian....We respect others' religion...

There were once while I'm in a Klang's Public Library ,discussing thoughts of religion with my chinese good friend... My friend is a buddist and i'm a muslim...It was 1994(we were 10 years old). My knowledge about Islam may not much... but we discussed a lot. We did not attack each other about whose religion was was only for brodening our knowledge purposes.But still alhamdulillah it did not leveled down my faith towards islam...This is not the section for me to preach about my religion... but what am i potraying right now is how we.... from different races can respect each other.

2.Politics... it is not only about govenment but politics exist around us...

To remember how Malaysia began....That starts from the history of Malacca... Obviously politics is already involved by Parameswara that had leadership in him and to gain authority or power to his people...

For example the office politics... or ... school clubs politics.... or family politics... people like to be notice... to be important.... to have power....and for having all that..... to have money....

Sometimes people need to live with politics... if not they cannot survive.. How is that ....???... Street Hawkers need to be in clubs to voice up their needs to the local authority... or to make it simpler... School leadears need to manage the students dicipline in school... and amaze the teachers by their leadership... if not they are just normal people and not going to be called leaders....

3. The politics has the tendency to attack the professional (architects to be specific)...

Politics that practice by the politicians can effect the professionals roles and responsibility.... For example ..projects need to be hold up because it was approved by the previous govenment... and after the a new govenment take part everything change.... where do the previous plans go?

People are the victim here...not the polititions...Due to that.... To survive they need to involve in politics... This is where the politics-disease comes in....people bribe to get projects...all the fradulent happen in front of our eyes... All the cronies evolve...nepotism exist.... How can other people survive?...


Politics are not a disease.... it is part of our life symbiosis.... but politics will be a disease and get dirty when there is to much of much of corruption.... that begin from greedy people that gain power and authourity towards others... from people that given a post that is not qualified and full of dishonesty ....AND politics-diseases have the tendency to attack everybody...

*Remember we cannot erase all these politic-diseases evolve out of these crap people ...but we can scrap all the diseases from the crap people by not starting to be any of these craps.

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