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09 June 2009

Bubble 25-Dangdut is the Music of My Country

by project pop

this is where FUN + KNOWLEDGE being blend together
try to understand the lyrics....

Lyrics: Siapa tidak mengakui perbedaan (who does not agree with diferences)
Tidak pernah diajari di skolahan (never been thought in schools)
Semua orang macam2 diciptakan (there are so many types of people exist)
Cakep atau jelek smua punya perasaan (Who ever they are all of them have feelings)

Ada orang Batak, ada orang Jawa (There are Bataks , there are Javanise)
Ada orang Ambon, ada juga orang Padang(There are Ambons, there are also Padangs)
Ada orang Menado, ada orang Madura(There are Menados, there are Maduras)
Ada orang Papua, nggak disebut jangan marah(There are Papuas, if there are more not mention do not piss off)

* Apakah yang dapat menyatukan kita (What can unite us all)
salah satunya dengan musik (One of it is with music)
Dangdut is the music of my country (Dangdut is the music of my country)

Reff :
Dangdut is the music of my country, my country, of my country
Dangdut is the music of my country, my country, of my country
Aaaaa, oh my country

Kalo ngaku ngerti tentang persatuan (If confess to know about unity)
Mengapa adu domba mudah dilakukan(Why instigating others easily)
Kenapa smua mudah hilang kesabaran(Why is everybody lost their patient)
Kenapa smua mudah diprovokasikan(Why is everybody easy to be provoke)

Ada kulit hitam, ada kulit putih (There are white people, there are black people)
Ada rambut panjang, ada juga rambut keriting(There are long hairs, there are short hairs)
Ada mata besar, ada mata sipit(There are big eyes, there are slit eyes)
Ada orang kaya ada juga orang miskin(There are wealthy people, there are poor people)

* and Reff

great idea:)
how urban or traditional people are, there is still something that can connect us all... that is with MUSIC...

THe morale of the story is

I'm MALAYSIAN... and i don't care weather the music is INDONESIAN...architecture teaches us all to understand our own religion, culture, and race. To understand where were our origins came from. All of the above matters that develop us simply magnificent...
'upright our religion and not to be forgotten
embrace our culture and not to be abandon
endure our own race and not to be full of aversion'
by iznny ismail


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