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30 January 2009

Bubble 3-Neraka-ature

This topic is taken from them who works in architecture line with never ending work for 27hours per day. well this topic interest me because to be in architecture line is NEVER an easy job. Start from studying itself it kills people with the hours of thinking .Spending time in studio with never ending design. ' Design is something no to be finish' ..Why? because to design a building need to have a deep thought analysis and inserting exploration elements in it. That is just not enough.... designing is just the schematic phase not even up to implementation yet.Well after the project completed questions like this will appear :is the end user going to be comfortable in the building? or how about maintanace? all these questions potrays that design hardly to finish even the project is completed.......

Phases for a project
  • Schematic design phase
  • Design Development Phase
  • Contract Development Phase
  • Contract Implementation and Management Phase
Well,, this blog is not a tutorial for architectural practice subject, but this is the basic information for a project... even as simple as a bungalow project .

why neraka-ature..... neraka is a word in bahasa melayu which is actually hell.... and ature is taken from the word architecture... so the word is about the hell architecture.....

Do we really studied hard just to work like a cow in the office and to finish up things that hardly to get finish.

taking architecture into life is interesting because you learn how living things have a life.. starts from opening your eyes, waking up from your bed... till you close it night..... For us to learn about people also not easy.... we need to learn about anthropometrics and ergonomics... study how to understand clients is also a task.... what they like... what they want.... what they feel.... all that we need to take into account....Or even the elements of architecture such as point, line ,volume, datum, proportion, central......and a lot more....

We studied hard to understand all these...and at last we work like a cow.... in the firm... work like nobody's and night in the office... and the best part is your pay is the same ........ and thinking that your bos given the promise to give you bonus at the end of the year.....If you get the bonus then you are lucky... but if not....?????? what can you say... you are not the bos.....

Tought of writing this topic is base on what i feel, see, and hear... Well architecture is someting to be fun... architecture is actually fun... its just sometimes these people does not have a life...

When we work so hard with overlooking your health level will get older earlier... i once have a status in my facebook says that i am getting older 10x earlier.... Working in the firm has already give a lot of stress... up to the extent you do not have time to get clean up... that is so frustrating... with sleepless night for one month... .My mom always nag at me and say go for jog.... and go for exercise... welll i cant... because , my routine of work make me not to do another job....

IF you realized that you have neraka-ature symptom .....better get your life back.... get social....(up to certain limit)... get a hobby maybe... like me i'm starting to write on this something out of architecture..... like cooking, sewing, wall climbing, tracking, singing....watching.... anything out of architecture... out of what you are doing for living....and a simple advice .......DON'T BRING 'OFFICE' TO YOUR HOME

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  1. I’m sorry chaknie, but I have to disagree on that. It’s true we went to hell and back during our student years and I won’t deny that even now we are working like sh*t to meet the deadlines, plus we are being paid inadequately for our hard work. Nevertheless, we are being blessed with this gift to create something from nothing, to envisage how the world could be and should be, and eventually reinvent how people would perceive their own environment in order to create a utopia. Although I would sound so idealistic, but I myself won’t trade that for anything, definitely not for a job that I would endure just to pay the bills. And yes, DON'T BRING YOUR WORK HOME...