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My first paragraph.

13 February 2009

Bubble 11- Archaeo-tourism

The idea of promoting Archaeo-tourism....interesting !!!

derived from archaeology for promoting it to everyone.

Picture taken at Gua Kajang during Site Visit for our firm's project ...Breathtaking site

Community of 11,000 years old---I wonder if we live like that until today....(Taken pic from Lenggong Museum web site)

Perak Man skeleton....11,000 years old or maybe one of the drug addicts skeleton that died in the cave..... who knows (Pic taken from Lenggong Museum web site)

Entrance of Gua Kajang...the bamboo build up is one of the movie set for the movie of 'Sifu and Tongga' i guess..

Banjaran Titiwangsa, the spine of Peninsular Malaysia .. Keep a lot of national treasure... valuable history...and scenic sight from lenggong too...
Appreciate it.. Promote it.... and it's Truly Malaysia

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