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19 February 2009

Bubble 12-Corruption Rotting the Construction Industry

Caution of the corruption danger...... This is quite a heavy and serious topic from me.... no pictures.....only text....hope not toooo boring....


The rapid growth of Malaysia Construction Industry imposes demand of a wide range of infrastructure works, housing development, urban renewal, and reclamation. Due to the booming growth momentum, the problem of corruption is still occurs. The problems are the defects and maintenance, slope failure, abandoned projects, the lack of competencies in project management and construction process management, poor quality culture and system.

The issue arises when there are defects and maintenance failures. The projects that involve the new Jalan Duta Court, Putrajaya Immigration Complex and Putrajaya slope collapse. Do these problems trigger our mind that there are corruptions within these projects? It may be a false assault to these projects but corruptions do happen in our construction industry. It is due to the fact that corruption is a sensitive and complex issue. Besides, the scale of corruption in nature is difficult to establish.


Needless to say, corruption that happens truly, madly, deeply has intruded within the industry. Corruption not only eats your money but also leads to poor quality of construction works. It is more critical when defects can be identified in the early stage and there will be extra budget and time. It eventually leads to higher construction cost. The reputation of company that involve will also be affected due to the corruption happened.

Corruption leads to the poverty of the nation. In achieving civilization we actually are corrupting each other. We do corrupting the nation by bribery, fraud, voluntary or forces and concealment of bribery. These act that leads to corruption in actual fact rotting the construction industry. Corruption is a disadvantage to the developing countries as the project gain unnecessary, defective, unsuitable overprices or which to operate and maintain. Corruption can disadvantage on individual directors as resulting criminal prosecution, fines, imprisonment, the loss of professional status and loss of employment.
There is no use of rapid growth in the construction industry if corruption is still happened.

Attending the talk on ‘Rasuah’ by Badan Pencegah Rasuah on Monday, February 18, 2008 quoted that if there is a lot of crime happening that means there is a lot of bribery. What it is meant is that bribery is like the fingerprint that left by the criminal that commits the crime, but yet the scale of corruption is very hard to establish and it is also a sensitive issue to be discussed.

There will always be lack of competencies in project management and construction process management. The poor quality and system of construction will definitely gives defective effect to the project outcome. Delays are also significant to corruption. This will eventually consume time to running projects. Besides, it also gives the most consequence to the user of the project. Lateness lessens productivity. Hence, the output is not in order and gives economic damage to the nation.

The commonly practice of corruption during Planning and Design Phase, Pre-qualification and Tendering Phase, Project Execution Phase and during Operation and Maintenance Phase resulting in wastage of tender expenses, tendering uncertainty, increase project cost, blackmail, fines, blacklisting and reputation risk. In any of these phases corruption happens with different approaches. Corruption may happen without us noticing it. The process from obtaining a project to the completion of the project has a lot of opportunities to be corrupt. This is due to the irresponsible party that wants to gain more profits from each of the project phases. Due to the fact project price will be inflated.


Corruption is like a virus that rots the construction industry. By preventing corruption, is as though implanting antivirus and leaves safe environment to us and the surrounding. Sigh of people who live in corruption will not help the construction industry at all. The corruption can be prevented starting from an individual that involve in a project. If the person has the responsibility towards other people and other living things, this problem can be diminish gradually and leads to free corruption world. Imagine living with no corruption on this earth, serenity and peaceful of our environment will be gain. Be truthful to ourselves in implementing projects, hence it will guide to a better living.

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