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03 February 2009

Bubble 7-Jalan P. Ramlee


P. Ramlee... a name that cannot be forget up till today.He is so synonym with Malaysia's entertainment industry. His achievement is so remarkable, up to the extent of Jalan (Street) Parry near to KLCC is named after him;Jalan(Street) P.Ramlee. He is an actor, singer, song writer, and director.... He contributed a lot in the Malaysian entertainment industry....He is a real entertainer..... Even a small kid age 6 years old knows about him...Does not mind which year they are born, but up till today peoples still watching and listening to his art pieces..


Jalan P. Ramlee being abused?


Regarding this issue.. As what you know P. Ramlee a man with passion in his career..Thus, by using his name and fame, we must reflect his ability in entertaining people all these years....

Humming his songs will not make you bored... Humming with techno or disco songs on the road name after him....will actually does not turn evergreen i guess...

If you have been to Jalan P. Ramlee,.... what can you see and appreciate? Well, all
these years Jalan P. Ramlee has been used as entertainment spot for night clubs, discos, foreign restaurants and a very successful plus entertaining pedestrian pathway, for them who do not enter these clubs.

For me this is sad. All these years we praised P. Ramlee's talent.... this is not how we appreciate him. The road fill with colorful neon lights at nights.. filling up with people socializing and end up with them who throw up due to intoxicated with alcohol.... Maybe, that is how we appreciate P. Ramlee's road!!!

I do not know since when all these bars pop up along the road. The best thing is it is side by side. Well Look at the bright side... with all these bars.. the tourists especially the foreigners love this spot.
The sketch that i have made shows how near Jalan P. Ramlee to KLCC(Coloured with blue) and Yes... besides, they can hang out here and appreciate malaysia's climate....(hot and humid)till late at night.They accelerate Malaysian economy. Make malaysia proud and well known tooo.


I can not ask the Malaysian to band this road... We are multicultural and other races and religion have rights too. Do not relocate Jalan P. Ramlee, pass is pass but the abuse and mistaken development on Jalan P Ramlee should not be repeated.

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