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My first paragraph.

04 February 2009

Bubble 8-School of Thieves-Barcelona

What do you feel when suddenly there are people taking your stuff without telling you. Well that is to soft of giving words for that kind of activity... or maybe stealing .... thieving.... shoplifting... burglary... or robbery... .The consequence is too much.. to much up to the result of death...


The 'school of thieves' got from stories and own experience while traveling in Barcelona, Spain. They are thieves with trained stealing skills. I was on our architectural Europe Trip 2, and there were two occurrence of theft during our trip and the best part is it was on the same day.


Nobody likes to be robed especially when the thieves put on innocent faces


La Rambla :the crime scene
  1. My colleague's handbag was robed. She did not realised that someone has put their hand inside her bag. Subsequently her handbag was pressed under her armpit but more towards the back of her body. So it was easier for the thieves. She lost her purse with a few Euro and RM200. Luckily you cannot change Malaysian Dollar (Ringgit Malaysia) in spain. But of couse all her identification card were lost. She did a police report
  2. The second time happended in front of my eyes. It was just a few hours we checked in the hostel.It began when,we were heading towards the staircase out from the Metro, my friend felt that sombody has taken his wallet from his TIGHT POCKET JEANS... He suddenly grab that guy , encircle the thief with his hands againts the wall.
" Give back my wallet" 3 X i guesss and we were watching the scene and our heart throbing like hell.

The thief made a very innocent face and act like his not involve. He handed up his hands
and showed to us that he did not took it. My friend felt guilty of assaulting him. He left without us suspected anything .

But you know what, my friend's wallet was on the floor
where the thief left.It was not just that.... do not feel guilty..... the thief was not alone.we saw the same guy with his so called girlfriend in the Metro when we went for next train interchange.Felt like to give my fist at this couple even though i knew it wont be that powerfull..We thought they were hand in hand but Totally not alone.

We started to analysed the stituation, it was not just two of them, they
were in group( 3 people). This was our analysis. At the crime scene there were a guy took the wallet from my friend's pocket. then he passed it on the second guy who my friend encircle towards the wall. Thirdly the girl that act as her girlfriend which came for maybe backup...

This is not by chance or by an accident but by plan and skill that the 'school of th
ieves' had thought them.... UUUUhhhhh felt so angry... our trip almost not enjoyable. Extra precaution need to be taken... It was not relaxed at all. our eye did not thrust anybody even with an innocent face.Besides we were the most attractive troop in town.


Do not be so attractive when you
are in the foreign country especially which does not have the same hair and eye colour.Do not thrust innocent faces during travelling sometimes they are the king of thieves without you know it........ So Watch OUT

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