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05 March 2009

Bubble 15-Big Shop KILLS small shops

Business means money.... good business means good money...... big business means big money..... Which one do you prefer? If i have an option i don't care I'll pick ALL. See how greedy I am? well if you realize living in this modern world we are living in money slavery. Indeed everything needs money....Wake up every day to work for money....So everybody gets effected a lot by it.
this topic is a vast topic to be discuss, we can discuss on it should be business man or entrepreneur... ,... selling the right ideas or product..., the dilemma of these small businesses with the bureaucracy issue ......I think we discuss all...

HOW to sustain small business with poping up of mega store such as TESCO... CARREFOUR?

So what is the relation of the issue and the topics to be discuss? The answer is very simple...It is money matters..

If you are a successful businessman with the luxury lifestyle maybe you can afford things. Your next aim is a Ferrari... After Ferrari ? Guess what happen to them that open a small business such as selling cake(kuih) or nasi lemak (Malaysian favourite breakfast)...along the road. They does not have luxury lifestyle... sales are depend on daily performance... if its not raining maybe sales will be quite alright... but when its raining .... they maybe effected.. No Ferrari in their mind...of course.

  1. Businessman or Entrepreneur............. During my school days, i learnt that Businessman(peniaga)... is JUST a person that sells products...but entrepreneur(Usahawan) is the person that sells products with injecting invention and extra cool ideas to sell well. So which is the best... If you just sell chicken in the market, you to be called a businessman.... NOT entrepreneur... but if you sells chicken plus injection to invent or create a new way to sell your product sch as via internet instead of just market.. maybe your sales increase and you get more demand... more demand more supply.. basic economics...Then you sustain....
  2. Selling the right ideas or products......... For a person that venture in a business need to understand own capability and creadibility to perform... if you have some skill then sell your skill. if you know how to make delicious cakes... then sell your cake..sell what you know what to do... Do not open a restaurant if you does not know how to cook... That will cause you a lot of problemmo later on....thrust me...
  3. Dilemma of these small businesses with the bureaucracy issue....... This is a hot issue as well... The scenario happen when the small business wants to have permit for their stalls, but it has been delayed for 2 years. How could these things happen? the answer is Bureaucracy... The scenario for the small business in Kuala Lumpur is that they need to enroll into clubs that attached wit the local authority....Then these small stalls can make complaint or urge for their rights! There are a one night market hawker in Kuala LUmpur need to enroll into 20 clubs to sell in various lots of places for business.... but still his rights has not been fight fairly.... and still does not have permit...How is that? The chairman of the clubs sells their permit that get from the local the foreigner businessman...from Bangladesh.. Myanmar...Indonesia...But the local businessman is not been offered. It is an advantage for the the chairman because they get higher profit because less cost for the foreigner businessman.... and THIS IS TOTALLY NOT FAIR.
the BIG shop kills small shops by selling more products as a one stop. If you go to TESCO.... you actually gets complete needs and wants... from food to clothing to even toys... This is the new way of lifestyle... When i went back to my hometown Klang from Seri Iskandar, Perak ... i realize that there are a lot of new Tesco in Perak.... Almost every town... So if these megastores emerge like can the small shops survive....

So to SUSTAIN AND SURVIVE instead of being businessman they need to be entrepreneur....instead of selling wrong ideas and skill they need to make it right...and lessen or abolish is a trend for people to set up a one stop... which you can get everything in one area.well it make life easier..and i admit that..with the emergence of mega commercial stores needs and wants of a community will change...

One stop is a trend nowdays...actually SMALL shops can survive but need to have very unique product and totally different from others.


Politic influence to a coffee shop



its your choice because it is your FUTURE

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