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07 March 2009

Bubble 16-BERGEDIL

IT has been a busy week for me. my firm just got a project and after two weeks, the client already wants to TENDER the project. .. BUSY week... usually i will cook at home ... but this week i am to exhausted to do so... So i have thought of an idea of how to cook food while still busy..

Below are a series of picture of making BERGEDIL (meat and potato ball). Bergedil is nutritional because it has almost all the nutrients.

  • Potato- Carbohydrate
  • Meat - protein and vitamin
  • Egg - protein
  • Onions - vitamin
  • Chinese celery(daun sup/saderi) - vitamin and iron
  • scallions (daun bawang) -vitamin

So.... lets start....


prepare all ingredients on the worktop


1. Sliced potato

2. Onions .... you need to slice it

3. minced beef or you can use normal beef and chop it

4. Choped Chinese celery and scallions

5. Some pepper , sugar and salt


heat up the pan

heat cooking oil for frying

Fry potato

Fried Potato

then fry sliced onions

Fried onion rings

Take out some oil from the pan
and fry the minced beef

Fried beef

after frying.... put all the ingredients in a bowl.....potato, beef, onions, chinese cellery, scallions...

mixed it together and mash all the potato..add sugar, salt...and pepper...

then, make it into balls like this.....

later.... roll back the bergedil balls in white egg..
(can use the egg's yolk ...but there will be excessive of oil after frying it back)

Fry the bergedil again and this is the result....yummy!!!!


i cant finish it all alone.... so for future USAGE... i pack the bergedil that is not fried yet....

and put it in the fridge....So for the next day ...i fry the packed bergedil balls.

This is the way i encounter my busy days...enrich my food daily... option of eating :i eat bergedil with rice...or another dish with salad, tomato and mayonnaise (or thousand island)........ enjoy!!!

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