My First Heading

My first paragraph.

14 January 2010

Bubble 32-After ONE year

    After a year been working not near my family.....learn to be:

    1. resistance towards anything(health, others grudge,bf)
    2. be more calculative (bills)
    3. to have sympathy and empathy (mercy)
    4. adding my skill on cooking (not)
    5. getting to know my car better (travel a lot....check always on your tires)
    6. punctuality(still hard to resolve)
    7. responsible to my family (how i wish my eldest sister is at home)
    8. be among my community(always meet people that i know at the night market)....
    9. be truthful at the right place and time
    10. systematic (my documents)
    11. i have a lot of hobbies (PIANO,sewing,cooking,home furnishing,arts & craft.....heem i guess so girlish)

after last year i just knew that i can just cut and paste my pictures up and down in composing a post..........................

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