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25 October 2010

Bubble 39_Iznny Ismail -gender issue

I got a package posted to my office a few month ago.......

Is it hard to know what is my gender with my name.....I myself got confuse...

Encik Iznny Ismail.....'Encik' is the initial for calling Mister or Mr.....Is my name not feminine enough...Sometimes i do not blame people.. they just do not know unless we inform them....

As a muslim we have our ways to inform people our gender....

Binti is actually informing people that i'm Mr. Ismail's daughter.... If i'm his son.., it should be Iznny bin Ismail.....We put these in between our name and our father's... To make it simpler:

binti = usage for a girl/woman
bin = usage for a boy/man

Well , this is a lesson learn....... next time I'll write my name clearly as
Iznny binti Ismail

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