My First Heading

My first paragraph.

12 April 2010

Bubble 34- I cried when i heard this

11 April 2010, Alor Setar, Kedah.

Is’nt it sad that when someone wanted to save the relationship that has been built for 8 years, already giving all the chances and opportunities of every same episodes of scandals built by her before. He got the reason of ‘just to distract from being lonely?’ How irony is that.

When someone just flew 1000km away just to get you. Swiped RM 700++ for flight ticket just to meet you. Waited for 3 hours in front of your apartment with lonely area just to see you . Not taken lunch yet but its already 1230pm. Checking with the guard’s car record and felt heart breaking with the details already.

What he gets from all the long journey. From all the suffercation of three days old break up. Feeling blank, feeling lonely, feeling wasteful and feeling rejected. Suddenly thinking of killing people, or maybe kill himself, or just need to be human but suffers with the deepest wound even a doctor cannot save it.


“What do you want?” That was the first question came and already stabed him to the deepest of his heart. Waited for so long with the ‘longest’ journey ever..and witnesed his gilfriend came home with another guy. OMG... busted!

The relationship is over when she just noded with the question “Do you want a break up?” and yet she was the one that cried not the guy who just been dumped. She denied nothing happened..

He went back sulking depressed .Knowing that the relationship is already to the end and added with one more freaking news.That she went to Singapore not ALONE!


  1. interesting read ... dejavu =p

  2. ok...well thanks..this is my translation of heartbreaking relationship by someone close